Friday, February 13, 2009

This Day in History: Feb. 13, 1633

Galileo's passion was what lies beyond our grasp. He devoted his life to studying motion and astronomy. So wear you passion on your cuff with career and passion related cufflinks.

If math is your forte grab a pair of stylish sterling silver pi cufflinks. This irrational number makes Euclidean geometry make sense. For the math nut Ravi Ratan created these shiny Sterling Silver cufflinks that weigh 16.2 grams (.57 ounces) because 3.141592653 would have added grams that would make it too difficult to punch a calculator while wearing.
Or maybe music is your muse. This simple, yet refined pair, is a great way to express your passion. No matter your genre preference every sound comes from a note. Show your appreciation by adorning a pair on your cuff!

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