Friday, May 29, 2009

This Day in History: May 29, 1903

The famous film, TV and radio star Bob Hope was born on this day in Eltham, England.

Leslie Townes Hope, his given name, moved with his family to Cleveland, Ohio, at age four.
Hope, was one of the most highly paid entertainers in Hollywood, started out in vaudeville; he then moved to radio in 1935, where he hosted various shows for 20 years.

He made the move to film in 1938 and became one of America's most beloved screen stars.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stanley Cup 2009

Stanley Cup 2009

For the second year in a row the Pittsburgh Penguins will take on the Detroit Red Wings.

Last year the Wings overtook the march of the penguins in a 6 game series.

Coverage starts Sunday May 31 with Pittsburgh at Detroit airing at 8 p.m. (EST) on NBC.

Sports fans don't grow old, they grow up, as does their style. Grab your teams links and add them to your cuff for what should be a compelling series.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Cities to Live In announces the best cities to live in for 2009...

Number 14 - Tokyo

Tokyo has a massive area of roughly 1,359 square miles and is home to about 10% of Japan’s population. It may be crowded, but it’s clean. Throw in a low crime rate and Tokyo translates into having all of the attributes found in a world-class city: museums, art galleries, music and sporting events, numerous ethnic festivals, international foods and a global mix of people who you can call tomodachi (friend).

Despite a ratio of 1.06 men to every woman in Tokyo, many of the single women are waiting later to marry. While enjoying their independence and exercising their spending power, you may find that many of these women have a healthy appetite for indulging in all that Tokyo has to offer, especially fashion and food!

Curious about fashion? Take the Harajuku Walking Tour for the sights and sounds of Takeshita-dori. Stroll into the Shibuya or Omotesando districts for some people watching and check out the designer stores and street vendors. Afterward, sit back at the open-air Anniversary Café to enjoy a bowl of mocha or a glass of champagne.

Number 10 - Paris

Elegant atmosphere of museums, galleries and parks
No city in the world has the reputation for glamour and romance like Paris. However, there is far more to Paris than glamour, with a multitude of world-famous landmarks, museums and art galleries to visit, as well as a rich history stretching back more than a millennium. Indeed, enjoying Paris’ sights isn’t just for tourists; it’s common for locals to wile away a weekend wandering through parks and museums.

Paris has long been a cultural Mecca, with myriad artists, writers and composers spending creative periods of their lives here over the centuries. The city is also home to a wild array of wonderful restaurants, bars and clubs, catering to almost any taste. The cost of living in Paris is one of the highest in the world, but in return, you get elegance and style that is quite literally second to none.
Number 6 - New York City

New York City is a man’s paradise, and not in a Las Vegas kind of way, where a guy feels dirty after two days and has to get shots afterward. New York appeals to the complete male with sex, culture and power. Single females outnumber single men by more than 200,000. Professionally minded women flock to the Big Apple for ambitious careers, leaving most of them in no hurry to settle down and with a handy ability to match men intellectually and financially.

Plus, this is where the American fashion industry lives. Supermodels literally roam the streets. When a man’s mouth isn’t gaping at eye candy, he can stuff it with amazing pizza and beer. New York is a top destination for foodies. With immigrants from all over the world, food tastes just like mom used to make whether she’s from Lafayette or Lithuania. It’s the original New World melting pot with renowned museums, Broadway theater, top fashionites, and a music scene that’s birthed everything from hip-hop to punk rock. Stumble upon the next Vampire Weekend before the world hears of them. It’s an expensive city, you say? You get what you pay for. With dozens of Fortune 500 companies here, leaders in every industry keep apartments in the city. To be the best, it helps to live among the best.

Number 4 - London

The English poet and novelist Samuel Johnson said that, “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” and we couldn’t agree more. London is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and rich places on this planet to live.

Provided you have a job that eases the financial strain of living in a city that's routinely ranked among the top three most expensive in the world, the sheer amount of choice is what attracts people to this city. With over 300 languages spoken, London is a true microcosm of the world and consequently provides access to the very best in international cuisine and culture. In 2008, London restaurants were awarded a total of 52 Michelin stars, and the entertainment options are staggering as well. Whether it’s sports, shopping, theater, live music, or museums that strike your fancy, you can do no better than London.

The city also has a lot to entice the single man since there are 7.5 million people here and crucially the majority of them are women. In 2005, a nearly 1% female surplus meant that there were comfortingly 78,000 more female bodies than there were male.

Number 3- San Francisco

San Francisco is a cityscape of irresistible drama. Steep hills and skyscrapers overlook a gorgeous bay that changes color with the sky. That drama filters into every aspect of the city’s life, from its topsy-turvy power politics to its go-hard recreation (3,480 acres of parks including three golf courses) and go-harder nightlife (including 2,870 bars). Since the days of the Barbary Coast, San Francisco has boasted one of the great bar and dining cultures, and is home to some of the best restaurants in North America, claiming one restaurant for every 279 people.

The louche life notwithstanding, San Francisco was the healthiest city in the U.S. in 2008, at least according to USA Today. Just outside the city lay miles of vineyards producing some of the world's great wines. The city abounds with classic men’s stores including local favorites Cable Car Clothiers and The Hound. San Francisco is a creative sector powerhouse, with LucasArts located right in the city’s famed Presidio. The city’s boy-to-girl ratio (male: 51%; female: 49%) doesn’t seem promising at first, but remember this is San Francisco, so you can shave a good 8% to 10% off the competition right there. Be advised that women here are the cream of the brain trust -- San Francisco was named one of the top 10 smartest cities by Forbes last year -- so the kind of “hey baby” come-on that works in L.A. or Miami Beach ain’t gonna work here.

And the Number 1 city is - Chicago

As the largest city in the Midwest, Chicago strikes the perfect balance between cosmopolitan and comfortable, combining all of the culture, entertainment and sophistication of an internationally renowned destination with an affordable lifestyle and down-to-earth work hard/play hard character.

World-class cultural fixtures like the Art Institute, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago International Film Festival and a vibrant theater scene are complemented by popular festivals like Jazz Fest, Blues Fest and the recently revitalized Lollapalooza, Outdoor Film Festival, and Second City, which happens to be the source of 39% of the U.S.’s greatest comedians (a scientifically calculated fact!). Chicago possesses one of the world’s most vibrant, diverse and innovative restaurant scenes, from culinary luminaries like Charlie Trotter, Grant Achatz and Rick Bayless to an astounding variety of hole-in-the-wall neighborhood joints to Chicago’s signature greasy trinity of deep-dish pizza, Italian beef and Chicago-style hot dogs.

A hardcore sports town, Chicago covers all of the professional leagues (some twice) with teams that actually have history, both famous and infamous. And while the winters are rough, Chicagoans make the most of the warmer months, taking their love of sports to the beaches, courts, paths, and parks of Chicago’s beautiful lakefront, set aside as public land for the entire city’s enjoyment.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scott Kay has Arrived at

You have seen his pieces on the red carpet and America's favorite TV show, American Idol.

Now in celebrating Scott Kay's 25th anniversary, his handcrafted menswear line has landed at

Scott Kay, a craftsman of true ingenuity, has created lines that represent art a man can wear. His pieces connect with individuals and show off their level of style and sophistication.

The inspiration for his Sparta Collection is a Roman-Grecian era look. His cufflinks are crafted in the true artisan way, similar to the days when Gladiators ruled supreme. Scott Kay the name has become synonymous with amazing style and true craftsmanship.

The bold and intricate accessories have incomparable detail and a fire to them. Ideal for a real man, power and style resonate with all of the Scott Kay designs Be among those in the front lines of fashion with Scott Kay Cufflinks from

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Friday, May 22, 2009

This Day in History: May 22, 1977

Today in 1977 the first woman qualifies for the Indy 500.

Guthrie failed to finish the 1977 race due to mechanical troubles. The next year, however, she not only finished the race but landed in ninth place, a remarkable achievement considering her meager race funding. Guthrie explains her career beginning as the result of her passion for adrenaline rush and the purchase of her first sports car. "I've always loved adventure," she said. "I went parachuting when I was 16, and got my pilot's license when I was 17. I went to school for physics... and when I got out of school I bought a Jaguar, from my $125-a -week salary and my superb sense of moderation." After 13 years of racing, Guthrie's break came when she was asked to test a car at Indy. Her participation brought her immediate fame. Many men objected strongly to her driving at Indy. "The alarm and commotion took me by surprise," she said. "The woman part of my participation was irrelevant to anything on the track. But people thought we were plotting a revolution... they said women will endanger our lives." Guthrie responded to the criticism simply by racing the best she could. "In racing there is no room for a readout from your nervous system. Your body becomes part of the machine." Guthrie gave up her dream of becoming an Indy Car driver for financial reasons, which she cites as a major obstacle to women becoming involved in the sport. "Drag racing gets more women because it costs about a tenth of Indy Car racing. It's a very expensive sport. I managed to make do with $120,000 I got from Texaco, but most drivers have between two and three million dollars to work with."

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Product of the Week

Just added to our already great selection of Father's Day cufflinks is a pair so unique, they are sure to be treasured for years to come.

The Sonogram Photo Cufflinks feature your very own bun in the oven. Send us your own sonogram photos and become a cufflink designer instantly. Up to 2 different images can be used. This is truly unique gift and amazingly personal. There is no better way to surprise a first time Dad or to show off that you are a proud to-be parent.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. A different photo can be used for each link. Please email us your photos at, or an associate will contact you after your has been placed to coordinate the photos.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MI6 Back in Action at

Due to the overwhelming popularity for the James Bond Casino Royale Stamp Collection, MI6 is back for a second Ravi Ratan James Bond Cufflinks collection made from authentic British Royal Mail postage.

Each authentic stamp is mounted in a sterling silver setting and features a whale back closure to keep the covert pair on your cuff.

Choose from 6 book cover designs from the Diamonds Are Forever and For Your Eyes Only novels. This collection is definitely something to be shaken AND stirred about!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garmets to Wear with a Dress Shirt

At this point in your life, I am sure you have an understanding of why dress shirts are an essential staple to your wardrobe. Besides the obvious fact, if you don't have a French cuff, cufflinks remain a bit out of your reach, a crisp white dress shirt can be paired with almost anything to give a different feel to your look.

Add a striped blazer to your usual routine. The blazer adds a chic feel to your everyday life. Too dressy for your day? Try a hoodie. The hoodie dresses down the dress shirt while still keeping you in the trendy loop.

A pair of shorts can really add a smart look to your French cuff. And since summer is looming just ahead, shorts work well to keep you cool. A great benefit of adding shorts is its price point is manageable for everyone.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Top 5 FREE iPhone apps

Today everywhere you turn you see that little apple on the back of a cell phone.

It seems like everyone has the first or second generation for the ultimate in on the go entertainment. Well here are some apps, FREE apps, that will make your easy, fun apple life a little better!

#5 Remote

Now you can turn your iPhone into an iTV or iTunes remote. Remote is the couch potatoes dream iPhone application.

Get the Remote app here -

#4 Shazam

Ever heard a song while you are heading to the supermarket or gym and you just can't think who sings it? Shazam knows! Shazam can tell you the artist and what the track name is. It also gives you the option to buy the music you hear from iTunes, see related videos on YouTube and personalize your tags.

#3 WeatherBug

Most of the events we plan revolve around the weather. A great way to be informed when the weather channel is out of reach is WeatherBug. Satellite weather maps, current radar and detailed forecasts are available at the tip of your fingers with iPhone.

#2 Light

Turn your iPhone into a flashlight for all of those times when just a lil one-watt bulb would be great.

Sorry Maglite, no more need for you!


One of my favorite iPhone apps is Twitterific. If you are a social network junkie, apps like this one and facebook are great ways to stay in the know while on the go. You can even follow!

For more apps, check out the apple Website by clicking here.

Friday, May 15, 2009

This Day in History: May 15, 1973

May 15, 1973

Nolan Ryan pitches his first no-hitter in 1973.

On May 15, 1973, California Angel Nolan Ryan strikes out 12 Kansas City Royals and walks three to pitch the first no-hitter of his career.

Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr. was born January 31, 1947, in Refugio, Texas and raised in Alvin, 12 miles southeast of Houston. As a high school sophomore, he was scouted by Red Murff of the New York Mets. Ryan’s coach told Murff of the young pitcher’s intimidating fastballs, so powerful they had broken catchers’ bones. Murff was impressed--his report said Ryan had the "best arm I’ve ever seen in my life."

Nolan joined the Mets in 1968, and was soon a highly regarded fireballer. In what is often pointed to as one of the most short-sighted moves in baseball history, the Mets traded Ryan to the Angels for third baseman Jim Fregosi after the 1971 season. Ryan went 19-16 in 1972, striking out 328 batters. Fregosi hit a disappointing .232 in 1972 then was sold to the Texas Rangers in early July 1973. Meanwhile, Ryan pitched his first no-no on this day in 1973, and then followed it up with a second on July 15 versus the Detroit Tigers in Tiger Stadium. Ryan struck out a total of 383 batters in 1973, setting a new major league record. He went on to throw five more no-hitters in his career, with the last coming on May 1, 1991, when he was 44 years old.

Ryan’s work ethic was the secret to his success. A believer in the theory that pitching power comes from the legs and not the arms, Ryan ran every day and chalked up his consistency and endurance to his strong legs. In 1983, Ryan broke the legendary Walter Johnson’s career strikeout record. He pitched for 27 years in the big leagues, with the Mets, Angels, Astros and Rangers. He struck out 5,714 batters in his career, breaking his own record 2,206 times. He was 324-292 for his career, with a 3.19 career ERA.

Nolan Ryan was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.

Add America's pastime to your cuff with our selection of licensed MLB teams.

Don't want to show favoritism? Grab a pair of Baseball Stitch Cufflinks made from authentic baseballs used in actual MLB games.

History is also available for you cuff with stadium seating cufflinks. Made from actual seats from major league parks like Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and even Fenway Park.

With baseball season in full swing, you might want to grab these cufflinks before your next home game.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Mummy is Moving!

This is the last weekend to see the National Geographic Exhibit, Tutankhamun and The Golden Age of The Pharaohs. For one last weekend in both Dallas and Atlanta, your family can explore the figures who guided ancient Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. The exhibition focuses on the 18th Dynasty, a 100-year period when Egypt was at the height of its power and the "golden age" of Egyptian artistry. This was the era when Tutankhamun and his ancestors reigned. The extensive array of more than 130 extraordinary artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun and other ancient Egyptian sites features 50 of Tutankhamun's burial objects, including his royal diadem and one of the four gold and precious stone inlaid canopic coffinettes that contained his mummified internal organs.

The 2 exhibits of The King and his crew will be relocating to the De Young Museum in San Francisco and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Tours of this piece of history will begin June 27, 2009 for both new locations.

Commemorate your visit to see the treasures with this pair of King Tut Cufflinks. Tutankhamun mask cufflinks are ideal for the archeology buff or art lover. The infamous King Tut’s mask is depicted in shiny vermeil (gold plated sterling silver) and perfectly enameled with red and blue accents. Truly a collector’s pair.

Tickets for these events in all four cities are available at and through the vending museums Websites.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Must Read Post of the Week

Top 10 Habits for the Stylish Man

No matter what look you sport, here are the top 10 habits you should get into to keep you on the up and up.

No.10 - Have a reliable barber and see them every four weeks.
You may be doing everything right, but if you neglect your hair, your efforts to be more stylish will have been in vain as the first thing others will notice about you is your unkempt head rather than your sleek suit. So, find a barber you trust and make regular appointments to keep your grooming in check.

No.9 - Take pride in storing clothes.
Treat your clothes with respect and they’ll look new longer. Buy wooden hangers for your closet and space your clothes out so they don’t get crushed. Similarly, when packing your bags for a business trip or a holiday, you can avoid arriving with wrinkled garments if you fold clothes properly and neatly instead of bundling them into a ball and shoving them into your suitcase.

No.8 - Splurge on investment pieces.
Any time you happen upon a timeless piece in a high-quality fabric, such as fine wool or cashmere, don’t hesitate to snap it up, even if that means splashing out. Although you may initially pay more for it, the cost-per-wear (CPW) ratio of an investment piece is shockingly low. Consider a camel-colored designer trench, for example: Its price tag may be exorbitant, but after you’ve worn it several hundred times, it will have paid for itself in compliments alone and you won’t have to update your outerwear for a very long time.

No.7 - Buy multiples.
When you find something that has a fit so flattering it seems like it was made especially for you, buy at least two. Adhere to this rule particularly when the garment in question is a basic you can never own too many of, such as a classic white dress shirt or go-with-everything dark denim.

No.6 - Have a reliable tailor and dry cleaner.
A knowledgeable tailor and a brilliant dry cleaner are a stylish man’s secret weapons. With a nip in your shirt here and a hem in your jeans there, a tailor guarantees your ready-to-wear clothes fit you perfectly. To find a dry cleaner who will sort out your toughest stains and launder your threads in a jiffy, visit the same location each time you need your clothes cleaned so you build a relationship with the staff.

No.5 - Shop often but buy seldom
Browse online shops frequently, become an avid window shopper or just pop into a few boutiques occasionally on your way home from work. Observe the merchandise available and make mental notes on the pieces you find yourself drawn to. Only part with your cash, however, when it’s a garment you either need or you know it will make a chic and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

No.4 - Treat trends as calculated risks.
A perennially stylish man keeps up with trends but doesn’t follow them blindly because he knows that trying every fad that comes along makes him a fashion victim rather than a fashionite. And although he’s willing to break style rules, he’s clever about which risks he takes, carefully considering factors such as his job, personality and body type so that he never bets on a look that won’t win.

No.3 - Have a signature scent.
Be consistent with your cologne. Women use smell as one way to decipher if you’ll have chemistry as a couple between the sheets, so once you find a fragrance that blends with your natural odor for a tantalizing effect, stick with it. Also, read up on how to combine or layer products to create a very personalized and memorable scent, and to vary its intensity.

No.2 - Bookmark three fashion sites and visit them weekly.
You don’t need real-time reports on what’s going on in the fashion industry, but once a week, make a point of perusing your favorite websites just to keep up with what’s hot. Being a regular visitor on three different sites will let you cover a lot of territory, meaning you’ll have a good grasp on the major trends while also benefiting from alternative perspectives.

No.1 - Pick outfits the night before they're worn.
A stylish man is a prepared man. Particularly when you have an important occasion ahead of you, like a business meeting or a big date, planning ahead is vital to ensuring all the elements of your outfit hang together as a cohesive whole. If you can’t dedicate a few minutes to selecting your apparel in advance, at least have a go-to ensemble hanging in your closet that you can turn to when you need to look fantastic in five seconds flat.

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