Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garmets to Wear with a Dress Shirt

At this point in your life, I am sure you have an understanding of why dress shirts are an essential staple to your wardrobe. Besides the obvious fact, if you don't have a French cuff, cufflinks remain a bit out of your reach, a crisp white dress shirt can be paired with almost anything to give a different feel to your look.

Add a striped blazer to your usual routine. The blazer adds a chic feel to your everyday life. Too dressy for your day? Try a hoodie. The hoodie dresses down the dress shirt while still keeping you in the trendy loop.

A pair of shorts can really add a smart look to your French cuff. And since summer is looming just ahead, shorts work well to keep you cool. A great benefit of adding shorts is its price point is manageable for everyone.

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