Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mothers Day Surprises

What can you say that would do justice for how much your Mom means to you? No one trumps mom! So set aside the card and candy and get something for Mom this Mother's Day that will show her how much you really care.

Mother's and Father's Day are often thought of as Hallmark holidays, that their only real purpose is to sell cards. Well think what you want, but for every year your mom has stood behind you, I think one day of appreciation should be granted!

Here are some great gift ideas for you procrastinators out there.

Get Crafty

Reminiscing with pictures promotes and reinforces the strength in the bonds of your family. Pictures she hasn't seen in a while, or better yet ones she doesn't even know about, are the moneymakers in this scenario. Add your creative touch with tag lines and souvenirs from family trips. A photo album is something she can keep and cherish forever.


While this is probably done all the time, making it just a one-on-one dinner date would be what separates this gift from the others. Pick a place you know she will love, and make a reservation! One of the best dinner spots could be right in your own home. Cooking her favorite dish could be the best gift she has ever received.


While your mother will say a purchased gift is unnecessary, it will still be appreciated! Here are a few sure fire winners.


Everyone has seen those World's Best Mom mugs, so get her something truly unique. A pair of Photo Screen Cufflinks are a great idea for the business chic mother.

Using a picture your mom just loves is a great gift that can remain in the family for generations. The sky is the limit with this pair.

Spa Treatment

A day of pampering will show her you understand how hard it is to be a mom and you want to repay her. A massage or an appointment with her hair stylist (on you) is such a nice and thoughtful gift she will finally tell you that you are her favorite!

Personalized M&M's

Something sweet and thoughtful and who doesn't love M&M's?

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