Monday, January 3, 2011

Seth Rogan, The Green Hornet - Stylish Movie Of The Year?

Being home for the holidays allowed me to catch up with old friends, family and a bit of television. I recall a while back hearing that Seth Rogan was cast in the upcoming Green Hornet movie. Probably due to the less than lethal fighting scenes in Pineapple Express, I didn't think Seth Rogan was an action star. He's slimmed down and after viewing some of the trailers, he may be in the most stylish action movie of the year. He along with Jay Chou, looking dapper in a tie bar, make quite a crime fighting duo as the Green Hornet and Kato.

picture courtesy of sony pictures

A re-make of the iconic Bruce Lee film, Green Hornet 2.0 features great ties, cufflinks, slim suits and tie bars to boot. The 3-D experience will certainly be visually stunning, especially with director Michel Gondry at the helm. Famous for his unique takes on music videos as well as the quirky Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind, movement and action will certainly take a creative spin.

Cultivate your inner Kato with a cool selection of tie bars here .

New Year, New Subjects, New Style

We hope everyone had a wonderful 2010 and a festive New Year's Eve celebration. We are back and better than every for 2011. Stay tuned for more posts, tips, specials and more!

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Endorsement from the Woz

On Jan 1st, Endgadget gave it's audience an entertaining and insightful New Year's gift....3 minutes of video with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. A true pioneer in information technology, the Woz discusses his early inspirations, today's gadgets, his personal fashion sense and what he carries with him.

Mr. Wozniak's featured accessories are count them 2 iPhones, a watch utilizing an accelerometer and last but not least, our very own iPhone cufflinks! Take a look below for the highlights:

Don't forget to check out the video for yourself click here for the full interview.
And last but not least, click here to view the iPhone Cufflinks!

Friday, November 27, 2009's Cyber Weekend Sale

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope Turkey Day was filled with great food, family, friends and the anticipation of wacky holiday sales. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, I have seen a fare share over-the-top deals, from $199 laptops to $3.99 DVDs. Not to be outdone,, is having a CyberWeekend exclusive. Starting tonight at midnight, you can visit and you will find 5 of the best selling cufflinks for 1 low price of $9.99. The sale starts tonight and ends Monday or while supplies last. Now, the link will not work until tonight, so if you click on the link and get sent to the home page, you are checking too soon!

It is a great way to stock up on cufflinks for yourself and the perfect holiday gift!

Happy shopping.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are You Ready For Some AFL Football?

By half time of last night's Sunday Night Football game between the Bears and Packers, I had hit a football coma. Between watching another crazy weekend of NCAA on Saturday and the opening weekend of NFL, I felt like a kid in a candy store who had eaten everything he could get his hands on. Only, unlike the kid in the candy store, I felt good. A little drowsy, but good. Adrian Peterson is dropping jaws, the Dallas Cowboys are winning, Tom Brady is back and football season is back, making all good with the world.

The first Monday Night Football games of the regular season are tonight and fittingly, they pit 4 AFL teams against each other. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the AFL, which merged with the NFL in 1970. The NFL has introduced the "legacy" collection re-introducing these wonderful logos. To mark the anniversary, has throw-back cufflinks featuring old AFL mainstays like the Titans of New York, the Houston Oilers and more.

Celebrate the AFL, NFL and the return of football here -

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jeans & What Not To Wear

I love jeans, I actually wear them every day. I wear jeans so often that the tan leather seats in my car are stained blue from the constant presence of denim on them. Summers are annoyingly hot here in Texas, but August brings about many things, mainly football and the fall. And from NY to Dallas to LA, when cooler weather breezes in, a great look to compliment jeans is wearing a great sweater, blazer or sport coat. Wait a few weeks for the temperature to fall a bit and you will see well dressed men at dinner or up at the bar wearing jeans, a nicely pressed dress shirt and a sport coat with cufflinks peeking through the bottom of the cuffs.

Like with anything you wear, the sum is greater than the parts so make sure not to get in the mindset that just because you are wearing a dressier coat that you can skimp on the shoes or belt. Another fashion no-no I have come across is the suit jacket without the suit. Often called an orphaned jacket, suit jackets are made to be matched with their pant counterparts. In rare instances, if you are in a pinch, you can sometimes pair a solid color suit jacket with your casual look. But for the most part, the cut and button type of a suit coat are usually all wrong when paired with jeans.

Here is an answer posted from Esquire Fashion Director Nick Sullivan on the difference between a Blazer, Sport Coat and Suit Jacket -

In the U.S., blazer has come to mean anything that has sleeves and lapels and is worn with unmatched pants, but there are key differences between the three items you mention. In Europe and the tonier parts of the States — especially any place where messing about in boats is a big part of summer — a blazer [above, left] usually means a patch — pocket, navy — blue jacket with gold or (occasionally) silver buttons. The landlubberly sport coat [above, center], meanwhile, originally derived from the tweedy, robust coats worn while assisting in the untimely end of feathered or furry creatures. It had pockets with flaps, often an extra flapped ticket pocket, and was of softer construction than a suit jacket. As a modern fashion item, it should still retain the somewhat rustic, earthy look of its forebear (even when made in cashmere).

Finally, a suit jacket [above, right] will always be made of the finer stuff, i.e., worsted wool, and smooth to the touch. Still, all that said, it's rarely that cut — and — dried.

Read more:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last But Not Least!

How very true the saying "Last but not least" really is, especially when it comes to your accessories.

While they are certainly the last to be added, accessories have the power to pepper your outfit with sophistication and your own personal style.

A colorful tie is often seen as the best way to update your look. Instead of picking a color that is too bright for human eyes, why not just change the style of knot you wear? Simply try a new knot every few days - that old suit will breathe a breath of fresh air for a change, without actually changing anything!

Throw some Cufflinks in the mix! A pair of modern cufflinks that casts a brilliant shine over your entire ensemble will go a long way. After your shoes, cufflinks are the first thing a woman notices about your attire. You don't need 365 different cufflinks in your collection. A few distinguished pairs with inlays of genuine stones or bold enamels will do the trick.

Pocket squares and their fold can bring new life to your wardrobe. Great pocket squares can be found relatively cheap and spice up your apparel. Try the one-point fold for business and mix it up with other types of folds for a night out on the town.

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