Monday, May 18, 2009

Top 5 FREE iPhone apps

Today everywhere you turn you see that little apple on the back of a cell phone.

It seems like everyone has the first or second generation for the ultimate in on the go entertainment. Well here are some apps, FREE apps, that will make your easy, fun apple life a little better!

#5 Remote

Now you can turn your iPhone into an iTV or iTunes remote. Remote is the couch potatoes dream iPhone application.

Get the Remote app here -

#4 Shazam

Ever heard a song while you are heading to the supermarket or gym and you just can't think who sings it? Shazam knows! Shazam can tell you the artist and what the track name is. It also gives you the option to buy the music you hear from iTunes, see related videos on YouTube and personalize your tags.

#3 WeatherBug

Most of the events we plan revolve around the weather. A great way to be informed when the weather channel is out of reach is WeatherBug. Satellite weather maps, current radar and detailed forecasts are available at the tip of your fingers with iPhone.

#2 Light

Turn your iPhone into a flashlight for all of those times when just a lil one-watt bulb would be great.

Sorry Maglite, no more need for you!


One of my favorite iPhone apps is Twitterific. If you are a social network junkie, apps like this one and facebook are great ways to stay in the know while on the go. You can even follow!

For more apps, check out the apple Website by clicking here.

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