Friday, January 30, 2009

Fun Fridays

Last Friday, Casual Friday came up, what to wear, what not to wear. Friday seems like a good day to prattle on with hypothetical questions.

If you could be in any comic book which one would it be?

Superman - While Clark Kent had super powers like seeing through walls and unimaginable strength, one of Superman's strongest powers is his ability to tell between right and wrong.

Spiderman - One of Peter Parkers alterego's most helpful talents was his supernatural ability to walk on walls and ceilings. His spidey speed, sense and strength weren't chump change either.

Batman - Would you save Gotham from all the villains with gadgets galore and in style with the Bat Mobile and your sidekick Robin, all under the daily charade of Bruce Wayne.

Or would you be a superhero at all, you could be...

The Joker - Give in to the unstable dark side and let fate choose the outcome with your coin

Well it's a good thing you don't have to decide just today, for now you can be any and all the characters you want to be just by changing the logo on your cuff. You could even be Mr. Spock without the heavy onset of those ears!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shirt Collar For Every Face

In an attempt to help men with questions everywhere, the style section of Esquire is devoted to answer your fashion related queries.

Let's face it, as different as we all look, it should be no surprise we have different shaped faces. Here is a guide for every angle.

If your face is neither excessively round nor extraordinarily angular, ask the salesman for a classic collar. Its medium height works for most everyone.

Say you're tall, wiry, or have a triangular face, you want a swept collar with a low, wide stance. It'll soften your hard edges and balance things out.

For the round-faced or short-necked, try a point collar. The vertical slant will give your face the semblance of length and definition.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Designers of Today

Esquire Magazine talks with Evan Yurman: The Blacksmith about blackened steel and pirate's gold.

"Today is not a great time to be in the men's jewelry business. Or you'd think that, anyway, what with the belt-tightening, the priority shifting, the bottom-line watching, and all the rest of the gloom and doom that might give a sober man pause before purchasing another watch or a new pair of cuff links. So how is it that Evan Yurman, the 26-year-old designer of men's jewelry at David Yurman and the son of the famous jeweler, has seen his business grow by double digits?"

To read the rest of this article click here.

Yurman started designing for his fathers business in 2004. His collection today has bracelets and pendants in titanium and blackened steel. Cufflinks and stud sets are filled with tiny diamonds and come from Athena and Egyptian inspiration. Today, jewelry designers often focus on facets and shine of their stones, while Yurman focuses his attention to form. "Jewelry always started with the form, and almost all the shapes that we use in modern jewelry stem from ancient jewelry. The key to all jewelry is in the ancients."

To see his collection visit

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fortune announces 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2009

As Fortune announces the "100 Best Companies to Work For" in 2009, many other big companies are announcing layoffs. 20 of the top 100 are actually hiring for numerous positions. So get out those cufflinks and start prepping for interviews, Esquire says the French Cuff, along with its partner in crime the cufflink, is the new badge marking professionalism.

Here is a glimpse at the list available at CNN

Edward Jones
2009 Best Companies rank: 2
Top locations: St Louis, MO and Phoenix, AZ

2009 Best Companies rank: 4
Top locations: Mountain View and San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY

Wegmans Food Markets
2009 Best Companies rank: 5
Top locations: Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse NY

Cisco Systems
2009 Best Companies rank: 6
Top locations: San Jose, CA; Research Triangle Park, NC and Boxborough, MA

2009 Best Companies rank: 7
Top locations: South San Francisco, CA; Vacaville, CA; Oceanside, CA

Methodist Hospital System
2009 Best Companies rank: 8
Top 2 locations: Houston, TX; Baytown, TX

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Monday, January 26, 2009

All Set for Super Bowl Sunday?

As Tamba Bay prepares to host Super Bowl XLIII are you? With only a week to go make sure you cover all your bases with big game essentials.

Booze and other Beverages

Everyone knows Beer and Pigskin go hand-in-hand. The same is true for the biggest game of the year. Make sure you stock up on ice... nothing worse than hot beer! You might also want to grab an ice chest so your seat doesn't get snatched when you get up to refill!


Football food should be nice and greasy. Hot wings, pizza, sub sandwiches... Make it easy for you, finger foods are the way to go. Chips and 7 layer dip, salsa, crackers and cheese. For the health conscience, a tray of veggies and dip.

Don't forget the plastic/paper wear.

Disposable cups and plates are an important piece of the pie that is often forgotten. Save your dishes from certain disaster and invest in the throw away necessities. Napkins, Napkins, Napkins!!

Heating Required

Just like you need to keep your beer ice cold, keep your queso and other sauces warm. A small crock pot can do wonders.

Team Memorabilia

Proper attire required, including but not limited to foam fingers!

Steelers vs. Cardinals... Stock up!

Last, but certainly not least...

Don't forget the larger than life TV!

Don't already have a flat screen? is selling a 42" Phillips today... $5 shipping, can't beat that.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Casual Fridays

Not every office works the same, but casual Friday is a day many are fond of. The chance to hang up the jacket until Monday. But for some, casual Friday may end in casualties directly related to your image. Here are a few tips to keep your casual day more relaxed but avoiding those blunders.

Pay attention to the attire of those around you. Try to match their degree of dress. Staying within the fashion trends of the movers and shakers.

Choose a dark denim for your Casual Friday jeans. Dark denim looks clean and crisp and stays nice. Stray away from frays and holes.

No flip flops.

Grab some whimsical cufflinks for Casual Fridays. They will show the boss, you have a sense of humor at the office but are still able to get down to business.

A good measurement of whether or not the clothes are appropriate for your office, ask yourself "Would I ever wear these to the beach, gym or out to a night club?" If the answer is yes, they are not business attire! You can never be over dressed, but under dressed isn't hard to pull off.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Suit Style

While sometimes we can't afford to drop big bucks on the latest designer suit for work, there are ways to make any suit look better, be it $500 or $5,o00.

Every suit can use alterations. Alterations help keep the suit trim and fit the suit to you rather than the other way around.

A pocket square can go a long way. This ivory pocket square from Brooks Brothers is pure silk, made in Italy and costs $35.

Tie Bars add an elegance to your look. Not only do they keep your tie in place, tie clips add a subtle touch to the perfect outfit. Tie clips and bars seal the deal, when it comes to having everything in the right place, including your tie.

A pair of shoes can make or break the look you were going for. suggests investing in one nice pair you can wear with all of your suits. Today's most popular style of dress shoe is the mildly pointed-toe loafer. These are leather and almost never have laces. They should be as narrow as is comfortable to create a long slender appearance of the leg continuing on forever. A boxy toe or a rounded toe don't work well. An exception to that statement comes with wearing a tuxedo. A classic shoe for a tuxedo cut is a rounded toe.

Dress down your suit. You don't always have to be at the office to be seen looking stylish. Wear your jacket with a polo and a pair of vans or converse.

A great relaxed pair of kicks you should know about is TOMS. Since 2006, for every pair purchased, TOMS has donated a pair of shoes to children in need.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chicago: City of 2008

Why Chicago is No. 1...

The windy city, has been named City of 2008. Chicago is the 3rd most populated city in the United States with more than 2.8 million residents, once including our current president, Barack Obama.

1. Politics
For decades, Chicago has been a proving ground for any left-leaning midwesterner hoping to make the leap to D.C. But this year, the city made its mark as the seat of political power—and not just because the two top Democratic presidential candidates have roots there. Here are the six Windy City Democrats who are changing the way Chicago—and the rest of the country—does politics.

Richard M. Daley

As civic leader Valerie Jarrett puts it, “All roads lead to Mayor Daley.” Daley was an early proponent of the green city, overhauled public housing, and put together a multiracial coalition of business and civic leaders. He’s even working to get Chicago onto the world stage with a bid for the 2016 Olympic Games. If there’s any question as to whether Chicago residents want someone new, one need only look at last year’s election, where he won all fifty wards in the city.

David Axelrod
chief strategist for Obama

Better than anyone in or outside the Beltway, Axelrod knows how to frame a candidate for a skeptical public. In 2004 he helped a little-known state senator win a race for U.S. Senate, and he’s seen as being largely responsible for the no-drama ethos of the Obama presidential campaign. Forget James Carville and Joe Trippi; come January, Axelrod will be the party’s most sought-after consultant.

J. B. and Penny Pritzker

These ultrarich siblings are the leading liberal moneymen in the city. He shilled for Hillary, and she broke fund-raising records for Obama. They wield more financial power for the Democrats than anyone else in the Midwest.

Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson
U.S. congressman and Chicago alderwoman

This husband and wife are a match in every way. The son of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, he’s moved from under his father’s shadow as a widely respected congressman; she beat out an entrenched machine pol for her seat in Chicago’s Seventh Ward. Odds are that one (or both) makes a play for higher office. Watching their rise, one can’t help but be reminded of another famous Democratic power couple.—SARAH GOLDSTEIN

2. Film
The Dark Knight may end up being remembered as the final glimpse of Heath Ledger’s genius, but there was another mesmerizing presence in the year’s highest-grossing film: the city of Chicago. It was on Chicago’s expansive streets—and just as often above them—that the action unfolded. Emma Thomas, one of the film’s producers and the wife of director Christopher Nolan, explains the decision to bring Gotham to the Midwest.

“Chris had always wanted to ground Gotham in a real place and do as much on-location shooting as he could. He was looking for a city that could be larger than life. One of the amazing things about Chicago is that it’s built on different levels, and that was perfect for the action in The Dark Knight. There are so many different styles of architecture, and it all works together fantastically. Bruce Wayne’s bedroom was shot in a hotel downtown, and the party scene was in the lobby of another building. Plus, we got to do some really crazy stuff. We blew up a building; we flipped over an eighteen-wheeler. And it’s not like we were doing it on some out-of-the-way deserted street. We were doing it in the financial center of the city. All the scenes where people are evacuating—we really did that. They let us close down their streets for weeks at a time. I think one of the reasons the film feels so big is that we were able to use every inch of Chicago and make the movie feel like a complete world."—AS TOLD TO SARAH GOLDSTEIN


Bellow, Sandburg, Mamet. These are some of the heavyweights who carved out Chicago’s reputation as a writer’s town. But the first two are long gone, and Mamet is living near the beach in L.A. Luckily for readers everywhere, a new crop have emerged with their own stories to tell. Jonathan Messigner, co-founder of Chicago’s independent Featherproof Books, takes us through an exceptional year in the city’s literary tradition.—SARAH GOLDSTEIN

The Lazarus Project
by Aleksandar Hemon

Hemon, a Bosnian native, wound up living in Chicago when Sarajevo came under siege in 1992, and by 2004 he’d mastered the English language enough to make the MacArthur Foundation come knocking with a “genius” grant. Hemon used the grant to write this year’s Lazarus Project, a brilliant novel about a Bosnian journalist in Chicago who becomes obsessed with a Jewish immigrant. The author of the year’s best book is not technically from around these parts, but we’re happy to embrace him as our own.

Demons in the Spring
by Joe Meno

Prolific South Sider Meno is the closest thing we’ve got to a literary ambassador. Demons explores the darker side of damaged adolescence and is sure to be handed to every 16-year-old Chicagoan with a learner’s permit. No one has captured the odd blend of grit and fantasy, community and danger, that comes with an urban upbringing quite like Meno.

Stop Smiling

The most literary magazine that isn’t actually a literary magazine, SS is cut from the mold of ’60s countercultural mags and dedicated to the idiosyncratic enthusiasms of its editors, who have set about reviving the old-school, Playboy-style long-form interview. With issues devoted to boxing, cult heroes, and outlaws, you’re not going to find anything like it on the rack.

4. Architecture
The next American landmark isn’t just another impossibly tall megastructure; it’s a skyscraper doing a pirouette. Designed by starchitect Santiago Calatrava, the Chicago Spire, when completed (developers are predicting 2012), will be the world’s tallest residential tower—giving man the chance to live, at last, with his head in the clouds.—MICHAEL HSU

• Each of its 150 stories will be, on average, 2.44 degrees askew from the one below it. The entire building will corkscrew 360 degrees upward.

• At 2,000 feet high, the Spire will have the world’s longest elevator run. A trip to the top will cover the length of more than five football fields. Once you get there, you’ll be able to see the curvature of the earth.

• Because of its unusual shape, the 1,194 apartments in the seven-sided building will all be unique, right down to the doorknobs. Each will be designed by Calatrava, and some will bear his handprint.

• The Spire will be the thinnest supertall building ever built—about half the width of the nearby Sears Tower.

• The shape of the building will help direct wind upward, preventing gusts near the ground.

• The top floor will have a 10,000-square-foot duplex penthouse with wraparound views. On clear days, you will see four states.

• The building will have a (very long) garbage chute that automatically separates trash from recycling.

DECEMBER 04, 2008 GQ Magazine

Chicagoans can celebrate this momentous occasion for a number of reasons. Whether you just like being from a city with such defining culture or you just like the skyline, we have cufflinks to fit whatever your reason for the admiration you hold for Chicago.

Used from 1922 to 1999, Chicago’s tokens were distinguished by three symmetrical cuts in the token’s minting. Creatively packaged in a subway map covered gift box with authenticity card. Own a piece of old Chicago! Also available in a sterling silver setting.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tie Bars

GQ has been giving a lot of love to the tie clip as of late. As seen on the cover of the most recent cover featuring LeBron James, Tie Clips have become an essential piece to your wardrobe. Not only do they keep your tie in place, tie clips add a subtle touch to the perfect outfit. Tie clips and bars seal the deal, when it comes to having everything in the right place, including your tie.

Tie Clips were also featured in last month's GQ as well:

Tie clips have been seen everywhere from J. Crew catalogs to runways and on famous actors and athletes these days.

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