Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Designers of Today

Esquire Magazine talks with Evan Yurman: The Blacksmith about blackened steel and pirate's gold.

"Today is not a great time to be in the men's jewelry business. Or you'd think that, anyway, what with the belt-tightening, the priority shifting, the bottom-line watching, and all the rest of the gloom and doom that might give a sober man pause before purchasing another watch or a new pair of cuff links. So how is it that Evan Yurman, the 26-year-old designer of men's jewelry at David Yurman and the son of the famous jeweler, has seen his business grow by double digits?"

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Yurman started designing for his fathers business in 2004. His collection today has bracelets and pendants in titanium and blackened steel. Cufflinks and stud sets are filled with tiny diamonds and come from Athena and Egyptian inspiration. Today, jewelry designers often focus on facets and shine of their stones, while Yurman focuses his attention to form. "Jewelry always started with the form, and almost all the shapes that we use in modern jewelry stem from ancient jewelry. The key to all jewelry is in the ancients."

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