Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Lexicon of a Suit

Always trying to keep you up to date and informed, these are the terms you need to know when suit shopping.

The Drop
The term used to describe a suit's shape. A "drop four" means that the trouser waist is four inches smaller than the chest.

The Jigger
One button on the inside in a double-breasted jacket.
Always keep buttoned!

Besom Pockets
These are pockets cut into the suit's fabric. Most are covered with a flap.

Kissing Buttons
How cuff buttons on designer suits are sewn so they almost overlap up the sleeve.

The Scye
The term for the armhole, the size and shape of which often determine the jacket's fit.

If the gift of suit-know how wasn't enough to float your boat, below is a list of men's clothers who are currently having sales. Happy Shopping!

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J Crew is has a promotion code for 20% off already reduced merchandise now through Sunday. Enter EXTRA20 at checkout online at

Kenneth Cole is having a 2 for $50 sale on ties and free shipping when you order $100 or more.
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To shop cufflinks click here.

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