Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fortune announces 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2009

As Fortune announces the "100 Best Companies to Work For" in 2009, many other big companies are announcing layoffs. 20 of the top 100 are actually hiring for numerous positions. So get out those cufflinks and start prepping for interviews, Esquire says the French Cuff, along with its partner in crime the cufflink, is the new badge marking professionalism.

Here is a glimpse at the list available at CNN

Edward Jones
2009 Best Companies rank: 2
Top locations: St Louis, MO and Phoenix, AZ

2009 Best Companies rank: 4
Top locations: Mountain View and San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY

Wegmans Food Markets
2009 Best Companies rank: 5
Top locations: Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse NY

Cisco Systems
2009 Best Companies rank: 6
Top locations: San Jose, CA; Research Triangle Park, NC and Boxborough, MA

2009 Best Companies rank: 7
Top locations: South San Francisco, CA; Vacaville, CA; Oceanside, CA

Methodist Hospital System
2009 Best Companies rank: 8
Top 2 locations: Houston, TX; Baytown, TX

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