Friday, January 23, 2009

Casual Fridays

Not every office works the same, but casual Friday is a day many are fond of. The chance to hang up the jacket until Monday. But for some, casual Friday may end in casualties directly related to your image. Here are a few tips to keep your casual day more relaxed but avoiding those blunders.

Pay attention to the attire of those around you. Try to match their degree of dress. Staying within the fashion trends of the movers and shakers.

Choose a dark denim for your Casual Friday jeans. Dark denim looks clean and crisp and stays nice. Stray away from frays and holes.

No flip flops.

Grab some whimsical cufflinks for Casual Fridays. They will show the boss, you have a sense of humor at the office but are still able to get down to business.

A good measurement of whether or not the clothes are appropriate for your office, ask yourself "Would I ever wear these to the beach, gym or out to a night club?" If the answer is yes, they are not business attire! You can never be over dressed, but under dressed isn't hard to pull off.

Happy Friday!

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