Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scott Kay has Arrived at CuffLinks.com

You have seen his pieces on the red carpet and America's favorite TV show, American Idol.

Now in celebrating Scott Kay's 25th anniversary, his handcrafted menswear line has landed at CuffLinks.com.

Scott Kay, a craftsman of true ingenuity, has created lines that represent art a man can wear. His pieces connect with individuals and show off their level of style and sophistication.

The inspiration for his Sparta Collection is a Roman-Grecian era look. His cufflinks are crafted in the true artisan way, similar to the days when Gladiators ruled supreme. Scott Kay the name has become synonymous with amazing style and true craftsmanship.

The bold and intricate accessories have incomparable detail and a fire to them. Ideal for a real man, power and style resonate with all of the Scott Kay designs Be among those in the front lines of fashion with Scott Kay Cufflinks from CuffLinks.com.

To see more Scott Kay Cufflinks click here.

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