Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spotlight: Robert Graham Cufflinks

Some of NBA's greatest are due to appear in ESPN wearing none other than, notable and trendy designer, Robert Graham. His collection is a mixture of fabrics with contrasting plaids and prints with the upbeat, "with it"customer in mind.

Cant get enough of Robert Graham?

Along with, Robert Graham has come together to create a bold and buoyant collection for the same contemporary man in mind. One of a kind cufflinks, his 12 pair collection is perfect for those guys who want to add a big statement from a small addition to their wardrobe.

Each pair created from an authentic swatch from Robert Graham shirt fabric stretched over a sterling silver pillow. With a close attention to detail, a vibrant red paisley flip backing serves its purpose and adds a covert touch of style.

To view the entire collection click here.

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