Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Its The Look

A survey of 1,000 women reveled what kind of look they want their man to have. Posed with the question - What do you find attractive in a prospective partner?- women have made it abundantly clear they no longer endure the scruffy tops and jeans or a man with a slumped posture.

In these tough economic times, your reputation and the look you project are of high importance. The citation of classic gentlemen figures like Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy or James Bond star Daniel Craig, men who are well-proportioned and well-dressed and who always carry themselves well, were recognized as the look they are drawn to.

Alan Cannon-Jones, senior lecturer in tailoring at the London College of Fashion and an expert on menswear, said the current economic crisis meant women were more likely to be attracted to men wearing smart, tailored garments.

He said: "Because of the financial situation, many guys are smartening up their look. Even if they do not have much money, they are keen to project the perception that they do."

Sales of cufflinks and ties are on the rise, making a smarter look within your reach.
Before you resort to or eHarmony, give your look the adjustment it needs to project who you are and you might find once the distressed jeans were replaced with a crisper look, the pair of links on your cuff might not be the only couple in your future!

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