Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CuffLinks.com, the Presidential Pick

When it comes to political accessories, CuffLinks.com has it covered. With plenty of Democrat and Republican Memorabilia to choose from, even President Obama calls upon the largest retailer for cufflinks in the world to flash his Presidential duds or should I say studs!

Just days after his swearing in, President Obama attended the annual Alfalfa Club Dinner on Jan. 31. Rich with tradition, the Alfalfa Club, an exclusive Washington D.C. social organization of influential citizens and politicians, held their annual black tie event with noted exclusive members including Sen. John McCain, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Colin Powell in attendance.

With the event just days away, the ever-dapper President Obama called on CuffLinks.com to supply him with cufflinks and studs. Wearing the classic black tuxedo, he wore a white bow tie, Presidential Seal Cufflinks and gold studs, President Obama certainly did not disappoint.

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