Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spotlight Section: Make Your Own!

You have searched every department and men's specialty store and scowered the internet trying to find that perfect pair. Maybe you caught a glimpse of your grandpa's cuff one day when you were a kid, or maybe its a pair you have only envisioned. But to no avail you cannot find it.

Everyone always says if you want it done right, do it yourself! now carries a line of Make Your Own items including, 2 types of cufflinks, a tie bar and a stud set!

Silver palates for whatever design your heart desires. Make your own cufflinks come fitted with an oval backing for a stylish and functional pair. A great gift purchase for those collectors in your life. Objects can be adhered using almost any method.

Use this pair of sterling silver backings to attach your favorite gem or ornament for the pair you have always wanted.

With this sturdy base you are able to add the perfect adornment to create that look no one else has thought of. Great for the collector who has everything, but can’t find that specific piece he has been looking for.

With 4 studs, complete with spring backings, you can make the perfect set to match your favorite pair of cufflinks. Stones, coins or just about anything you can imagine can be adhered to this set of studs.

The best methods of adhering gems, rocks or any other decoration are micro-welding, solder and super glue. Try your hand at being a designer with any one of these Make Your Own products!

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