Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Quick How To-Part IV

I bet you have been dying for the fourth installment of
Backings A Quick How To... sorry to keep you waiting!
We have learned about the Bullet back, the Whale back and the Chain Link, so today you will walk away with a little knowledge of the Fixed Back.

Fixed backings are an extension of the cufflink face. This means that the post and backing are formed from the same piece of metal as the front side of the cufflink. The backing does not bend or move in any way. May require a bit more work to put on, but you will benefit in the long run from not having moving parts.

This pair of croc cufflinks, by Tateossian London, features a fiber optic glass red ball. Often with fixed backs, the backing follows along the same theme as the face of the cufflinks. In this design, the back is tied into the theme with the color of the crystal inlays for eyes and the fiber optic glass. Some likely patterns for backings include quilting the silver or adding enamel to the face of the backing.

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