Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cleaning Cufflinks 101

What's the best way to keep you cufflinks sparkling like new? Well it depends. Cufflinks made of sterling silver just need to be polished every now and then. But what if you have a semi-precious gem. Here are some tips on keeping your jewels gorgeous!

Organic Gems

Pearls are known for their beauty and have been highly valued for centuries. But pearls can be damaged by perfume, hairspray and detergents. It is best to apply perfumes and cosmetics before attaching pearls to prevent this from happening. Also, wipe the pearl with a damp cloth after wearing to keep them pristine.

Another gem from the sea, Coral, has been known to fade when exposed to perspiration. Coral also needs to be kept away from all chemicals. To clean, never soak coral, just with a damp cloth once they have been taken off.

Amber and Ivory need to be protected from hairsprays and cosmetics, as well. To clean these cufflinks just use warm water with soap and wipe dry.

Mineral Gems

The Diamonds beauty comes from the deep sparkle but dirt and oil can dull its natural luster. They can be cleaned with a toothbrush using warm water and soap, dishwashing liquid or alcohol.

Opals as beautiful as they are require climate control. They may crack in freezing conditions and fade in excessive heat. They also dry out when store in a plastic bag, so keep opal cufflinks store in a humid room temperature area. Never wash in hot water!

Turquoise, famous for its rare blue-to-green color is liable to crack under extreme conditions, as well. Certain cosmetics may cause the stone to green. To clean wipe clean with a damp cloth and never let it soak.

Be sure to remove cufflinks or other gems before cleaning. Cleaning gems regularly will help keep their luster and shine. Organic gems have more specific rules. Emeralds and Rubys should avoid contact with dishwashing liquid, as it may remove an oil that was intentionally applied. Dishwashing liquid is too harsh for organic gems.

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