Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cufflinks Essential for Travel

Airlines today... Not only do we have to deal with security delays and cancellations, but with some major airlines we have to pay, each way, to check a bag.
It's reasonable to assume that you will have to skimp on style to fit your entire trip into a bag small enough to carry on.

Not true.

Engravable Flip Bar Cufflinks
RR-148 - $125
The Flip Bar Cufflink allows you to dress as you normally would and still be within the maximum size for carry-on bags - 45 linear inches.

Black Enamel Flip Bar Cufflinks
BTS-9827 - $150
Flip bar cufflinks are most often reversible and very easy to attach to your cuff. When not in use, flip bar cufflinks store easy and will ensure you have ample room for other items in your carry on. That way you won't have to worry about the airlines losing the bag you had to pay to check!

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