Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MI6 Stamp of Approval

Ravi Ratan releases the James Bond Stamp Cufflinks collection to mark the release of the new Bond thriller and sequel to Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace. The limited edition cufflinks are made from actual British stamps and mounted in sterling silver. Bond fans, cufflink aficionados and stamp collectors alike can choose from one of the three different paperback covers offered for the Ian Fleming novel.

The first pair in the collection features the classic Bond girl that every movie offers. The featured femme fatale in Casino Royale is Vesper Lynd, a bold, beautiful brunette treasury agent, shown in the slick sexed up black dress worn in the film, Casino Royale.

The second pair of collectable cufflinks commemorating the first ever James Bond Novel, Casino Royale, features a green background, playing cards, and of course, a casino marker.

The collections last authentic British stamp and book cover features Bond, Lynd and the terrorist loan shark named Le Chiffre. This pair reads “James Bond plays Russian roulette in the Ian Fleming classic Casino Royale.”

The Bond cufflinks make you feel like you are a double-o agent in Montenegro and part of the action. The collection is available online at www.cufflinks.com.

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