Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you have the time?

With the holidays coming everyone has a million and one things to do. Finding time to cook and get together with the whole family for Thanksgiving. Then after you and your fridge are stuffed, you have to go out in the cold and search for the perfect Christmas tree, one that's not to short but too tall. Then to top that comes the busiest shopping season of the year. Everyone will be running around hard pressed for time. Everyone, that is, except for you! That's because you will have all the time you need right at your finger tips with the newest fashion trend, watch cufflinks.

Watch cufflinks are a great staple for every mans wardrobe. They serve as the greatest accessory not only because of their great bold look but because of their functionality.

You can go with a more modern pair, like the above cufflinks from Jan Leslie. Silver plated and actually functional these cufflinks make for a very trendy pair.

Tateossian London brings a pair of cufflinks for the ultimate road warrior that features a working watch and thermometer. A clean Deco design keeps this pair very stylish. Tateossian's watch collection also features a watch and compass duo, a great idea for shoppers who can never find the north entrance of the mall.

The newest trend is a pair of watch movement cufflinks. This pair is featured in 14kt gold from Tokens and Coins, is taken exclusively from an Elgin watch that was in production from 1864 to 1964. Although this pair no longer functions, it holds an appreciation among lovers of synchronized precision as a moment in time. Tokens and Coins also offer a silver piece, as well.

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