Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 5 Engravable Cufflinks

Engraving a gift is a great way to go the extra step and show someone your care. Not only are you giving them a present, but the personalization adds a special sentiment to the gift that otherwise may not be there. Engravables make for great family heirlooms and bring back memories for generations.

Cufflinks are already a great gift for anyone in your life and engraving them makes the present that much better.

Here are the top 5 cufflinks to have engraved:

Personalized Cutout Initial Cufflinks are ideal when it comes to cufflinks specifically geared for initials. These custom made initials are made in sterling silver and can even be made from
14k gold.

Personalized Signet Cufflinks are another great item for engraving initials. One pair at a time, these cufflinks are engraved in signet style and are laid on a antiqued background. The black backdrop offers a more formal pair of sterling silver cufflinks.

Rectangular Titanium Engravable Cufflinks are a great sterling silver substitute and they give optimum space for engraving dates, names, messages and even company logos. Here's an interesting fact, titanium is 4 times stronger than steel but half the weight.


Sterling Square Engravable Locket Cufflinks are my personal favorite. The outside is available for personalization of any kind. With 5/8" on all 4 sides there is ample space for any type of message you want to be everlasting. And to top it off there are insets for photos. This gift allows you to keep your loved ones within arms reach at all times.

And now for the best engravable cufflink...


A unique trend emerging from engravable cufflinks is the ability to engrave on the backing of an otherwise unengravable cufflink. Cufflinks that feature a flat whale back with no logo, like Ravi Ratan's collection, allot space for dates, initials or short notes like "I love you."
Engraving on the backing of a pair of cufflinks takes personalization to the next level. Not only are you adding that special touch, but you also get to keep the personalization more intimate. All the world sees is the Eiffel Tower on his cuff, they have no idea that the Eiffel Tower is where you two got married on 5/10/01.

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