Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cufflink Backings - A Quick How-To- Part II

GQ's Guide to the 21st Century Gentleman got us thinking on how to inform the 21st century gentleman on the ins and outs of cufflinks. It's easy to say wear cufflinks, but how to you choose a pair that suits you best?

Starting with the backings we have decided to start a narrative of all the details surrounding cufflinks. In a Quick How To Part 1 we discussed one of the most common backings - the Bullet Back.

Now, an in depth look at the whale back.
The best combination of ease of use and elegance. This style involves a straight or curved post extending from the back of the face and a solid "whale tail" that flips flat to insert, and flips back in place to secure the cuff.

Whether the cufflinks utilize a straight or curved post, the advantage is in the ease of use and refined sophistication of the whale backing. It is the perfect blend of style and function. Both straight and curved whale backs are featured here in sterling silver.

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Up next in the quick how to segment...
The Chain Link

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