Friday, October 24, 2008

Groomsmen Gift Guide

Groomsmen are the people in a grooms life that are important to him, a life long best friend, a college roommate, even a brother. A gift that will work for the entire group is often hard to decide upon. Some people are just hard to buy for, but here are 5 gifts you can't go wrong with.

#5 The Tie
Ties are a great gift men can reuse after the wedding. You can buy the tie to color coordinate with your soon-to-be wife's bridesmaids. Buying a piece of the friends outfit would be one less expense they would have to worry about for your wedding day. Paired with a nice tie clip would make a great groomsman gift.

#4 The French Cuff Shirt
French cuff shirts are a staple to every man's wardrobe. There will always be those occasions when a dressier shirt needs to be worn, ie your wedding day! Pick out a nice French cuff shirt for the people you want to be a part of your wedding. Their's to keep and use long after your special day.

#3 The Flask
It's no surprise that guys like to keep a little party in their pocket. Keep your friends mellowed out with a nice flask they can reuse and remember how great of a friend you are. The size of a flask is suited specifically for a trouser pocket. A flask would be a great gift to let your friends know, while your wedding day is important to you, you also want it to be fun for everyone else too!

#2 The Money Clip
Money clips are a great gift because of the variety of designs available. Engraved money clips with initials or dates are always a great way to go. It shows your buds that you appreciate them enough to go the extra step and make the gift unique and personalized.

#1 Gift Idea for Goomsmen

The Cufflink
Cufflinks are an exceptional gift for groomsmen on your wedding day. Good gifts can be used over and over again and cufflinks are just that. The perfect accessory for everyday wear and cufflinks are elegant enough to keep pace with your wedding. Cufflinks can also be personalized with engraving dates or initials on them. Also an added bonus, one size fits all! No sizes necessary.

Even more personalized can be the selection you choose. Each groomsmen could receive a different pair. A new trend is Alma Mater cufflinks.
Whatever gift you choose, add a personal touch, after all these guys have been there for you through everything. Show them you care with a great gift they can use again and again.

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