Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cufflinks: A Quick How To - Part III

Yesterday I explained the great reasons to choose a whale backing and incited you to come back today for an explanation of the classic chain link cufflink.

Well here it is...

The most traditional form of cufflinks feature a chain link. Chain link cufflinks are the original form of cufflinks and are found most often in items of English production. Chain links characteristically have 2 sides that are joined together by a chain link. Due to the agility required to put them on, these are certainly for the expert level cufflink connoisseur. The benefit of this style is that there is something to look at on both sides of the cuff. Additionally, chain link cufflinks typically allow for a looser cuff.

Featured here is a pair of Ravi Ratan's Ball and Chain cufflinks. Perfect for a soon-to-be-wed bachelor! Made with sterling silver, these chain linked cufflinks are able to add a bit of humor to a traditional accessory. This pair of cufflinks can also be reversible which is common for many of the chain link cufflinks.

Be sure and come back tomorrow when I will explain the Fixed Backing

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