Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is celebrated in most parts of the Western World. The term comes from All Hallows Eve, which has now turned into All Saints Day celebrated on Nov. 1st this year. If you are new to Earth, kids dress up in costumes, go from house to house asking for candy by saying "trick or treat." Adults commonly bob for apples, or carve pumpkins in celebration of the night when all of the spooks come out to play!

Now if you are a big kid and think you are too old to wear a costume, the only suit-able way to dress up is to attach cufflinks! Here are a few good ideas for your Halloween parties!

Tracy Mayer brings you a pair of spooky sterling silver Diablo Cufflinks. A classic symbol of devilishness. Perfect for a boy’s night out. Rare black mother of pearl diablo carvings are mounted in elegant silver chain link cufflinks.
Each pair is individually carved and guaranteed to be unique.

Creepy crawly arachnids stay attached to your cuffs with this pair of Spider Mounted Cufflinks on Montana blue crystals from Tateossian London.

Sterling silver skulls like this pair from the Ravi Ratan collection,
have the ability to show your Halloween spirit without having to
dress up as the BK King!

Be careful tonight as you head out to your costume parties and make sure to watch out for the little ghosts and goblins trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!

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