Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shoes 101

With shoes you get what you pay for. So even in a bad economy, if you want to spend a little more than you would on... let's say, a suit it's okay.

*Shoes can be mixed and matched with all of your suits, making shoes an ideal high dollar purchase. If you are going to be wearing them often, get a pair you wouldn't mind looking down and seeing.

*Another reason to spend a little more is well-made shoes last a lot longer than a cheap pair. Choosing pair made of real leather and solid stitching will go a lot father and may even outlast your entire wardrobe.

* identifies the Dress Oxford as an essential shoe for everyman.

Plain dress oxfords might seem boring or too conservative amid a rack of pick-stitched ankle boots and fleur-de-lis perforated wingtips, but consider for a moment that you’re buying a pair of shoes that you will wear to work (and interviews), weddings, funerals, first dates, and everything else in between. A classic dress oxford -- plain toe or cap toe -- will get you through more moments in your life than any other men’s shoe to date possibly could.

*Another essential pair: Monk Strap

Once you have a pair of dress oxfords in your wardrobe, you should invest in another masculine classic for less formal occasions. Enter the monk strap. With a simple buckle strap closure in lieu of laces, these are the best option when a loafer won’t do and a lace-up seems too fussy. Monk straps are perfect for casual Friday work attire or dinner dates on the weekend, and you can even wear them with denim. They can also be worn with a suit, provided the reason for the suit is work-related or a weekend event other than a wedding or funeral. Formal occasions require laces.

*The better care you keep of your shoes, the longer they will last.

Wooden trees are a must-have for every pair of dress shoes you own. They help maintain the shape and fit of your leather shoes. Outside elements can make a large impact on their life span. Daily perspiration, even in minimal amounts, can damage your shoes over time, wooden trees absorb moisture from daily wear.

For more advice on shoes and other men's fashion, check out the Style Bible.

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