Monday, March 16, 2009

Jewelry for Men: How to Wear Gold

When you hear Mr. T, I am sure a few things come to mind. His notable "I pity the fool" saying, his distinctive mohawk hair cut. But the image that frequents minds is the amount of gold jewelry Mr. T wore. So how can you wear gold without infringing on Mr. T's turf?

A bracelet can go a long way.

Bracelets are traditionally less popular in Men's fashion, however, a form fitting bracelet that is simple and can be worn on several occasions is key.

Ring/s are also another piece of jewelry that can be very fashionable worn properly. Most rings that aren't from taking the plunge are worn on the middle finger of your hand. This is a great place to add a center piece made of gold.

While some may not consider a money clip a piece of jewelry, money clips are a great way to express fashion when using any of your wallet essential. It is a functional way to add refinement to your everyday style.

One of the best gold accents to add to your attire are cufflinks. This pair of cufflinks can be a great lucky charm as well as a nice fashionable addition to finish off that polished look.

Going to a more formal event? More than an addition, an essential, for many formal affairs are studs. Stud sets can vary in formality but the best best is a simple set that adds some resilience to your wardrobe, like this set from

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