Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Business Tips for the Trendy

If you have been following this blog for very long you have seen advice from shoes to NCAA brackets, and from history lessons to cufflinks. So just added is a segment aimed at helping your already dapper self excel to the next level.

Business Tips for the Trendy

Today's business tip is one your might enjoy.

Social media has gone over the top the last few years. What once started as a college networking site has branched off and now even your grandma has an account. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, wastes of time or ways to keep you in the loop?

Everyone knows networking is nothing but an advantage. Even if it is purely social, someone always has a friend who has a friend who could help you with a project. Sure, it takes some time out of your already busy schedule, but in the long run networking really pays off.

According to recent statistics, your chances of sealing a deal is 79% when business networking has been involved.

So go ahead Myspace away!

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