Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New LOMA hues!

With the success of the first line of LOMA, designers have decided to add a few color options to the collection. With the same neo-gothic inspiration, vibrant hues like green, purple, red and yellow have been added to coordinate The LOMA Collection with your entire closet.

One of the new colors for the Gothic Medallion Cufflinks is a striking green, perfect for all of your earthy tones.

Add some color to your cuff while still maintaining a sophisticated demeanor throughout your day. Sterling silver settings and wood grain enamel accents truly raise the bar and expand your ensemble possibilities.

Red Enamel Tracery Cufflinks are a new bold and chic option now available for your French cuff.

The beautifully ornate designs of the Red Enamel Tracery Cufflinks depict an old world style. Sterling silver acts as both a frame and canvas for the bold red and gold enamel detail.

The LOMA Collection is the perfect gift idea for conservative Dad's looking to spruce up their wardrobes by adding exciting tones.

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