Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last But Not Least!

How very true the saying "Last but not least" really is, especially when it comes to your accessories.

While they are certainly the last to be added, accessories have the power to pepper your outfit with sophistication and your own personal style.

A colorful tie is often seen as the best way to update your look. Instead of picking a color that is too bright for human eyes, why not just change the style of knot you wear? Simply try a new knot every few days - that old suit will breathe a breath of fresh air for a change, without actually changing anything!

Throw some Cufflinks in the mix! A pair of modern cufflinks that casts a brilliant shine over your entire ensemble will go a long way. After your shoes, cufflinks are the first thing a woman notices about your attire. You don't need 365 different cufflinks in your collection. A few distinguished pairs with inlays of genuine stones or bold enamels will do the trick.

Pocket squares and their fold can bring new life to your wardrobe. Great pocket squares can be found relatively cheap and spice up your apparel. Try the one-point fold for business and mix it up with other types of folds for a night out on the town.

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Stanley Lewis said...

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